OHR Rents joined IronTek Solutions’ Lifts for Artists, and connected with local artist, Michael McNamara, to provide discounted rental equipment during the painting of a Frida Kahlo mural.

Lifts for Artists is a program by IronTek Solutions that supports visual and performing artists by providing lifts and other construction equipment needed for creative projects at discounted, artists’ rates.

About the artist

Michael McNamara (“Mac”) grew up in Cleveland, on the near west side. While attending Cleveland Public Schools, he sought additional artistic training from the Cooper School of Art, Kent State University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He later moved to Houston, Texas where he continued his studies at the Glassell School of Art while serving as an understudy to Dick Wray, arguably one of the purest Abstract Expressionist painters of his time.

After returning Cleveland in 2000, Mac has been focusing on painting murals throughout the area and is Barrio’s lead artist who is responsible for building out the interiors of new Barrio restaurants. He and his crew create metal sculptures, bar panels, furniture, lighting, and more.

Mac’s work has been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as in private collections in cities including Cleveland, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta.

About the mural

Mexican history. Beauty. Acceptance. Mac wanted to create a mural that expressed diversity, hint on the taco restaurant’s inspiration, and pay homage to his late friend’s mother.

The design includes a colorful flora background inspired by artist Carlos Rolón, who has Puerto Rican roots and explores elements of craft, ritual, beauty, and spirituality in his work. The colorful background is in stark contrast to the black and white image of Frida Kahlo; the focus of the mural. Kahlo was a Mexican artist known for self-portraits. Her work is inspired by nature and Mexico’s pop culture, while it questions issues of identity, gender, class, and race.

Mac dedicated this mural to his best friend’s mom, Ophilia. Ophilia has always been like a second mom to Mac. At 92 years old, she’s still a vibrant, strong woman of Mexican descent.

Ophilia’s philosophy on life is simple. Her advice to all is: “Never smoke, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and only drink when it’s free.”

Mac cherishes his relationship with his late friend’s mom and dedicated this mural to her.

The right lift for the job

OHR Rents provided Mac with a Skyjack SJ7135RT rough terrain scissor lift. The lift was rented at a discounted rate for one month; however, Mac was able to finish the job in only 7 days. Barrio was able to transport the lift to another location, and continue to use it for another project for the duration of the rental period.

Skyjack SJ7135RT Platform Specs:

Platform Max Working Height 41’

Max Platform Height 35.1’

Max Platform Weight Capacity 1000.9 lbs.

Platform Length 118.1”

Platform Width 63”

About OHR Rents

OHR Rents is a locally owned and operated rental yard that competes with nationally known competitors through unmatched customer care and reliability. OHR serves individuals looking for a specific machine, as well as large corporations looking to build an entire fleet. The bulk of OHR’s business is equipment rental; however, the company also sells machines & replacement parts, provides service & maintenance, and conducts safety trainings for others in the industry.

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