Check your rented construction equipment daily and at the start of each shift to get your job done safely. Proper use of equipment is key – not only for safety but also to ensure a smooth construction equipment rental return.

At OHR Rents, we strongly suggest that people who rent and use construction equipment read and follow the operator’s manual for each piece of equipment on the job.

Additionally, at the start of each shift, people who rent and/or use construction equipment should check the following:

  1. Check / add engine oil
  2. Examine / add coolant in radiator
  3. Check / add water in battery
  4. Check air pressure in tires (Flat repairs are renters responsibility)
  5. Complete a workplace inspection to ensure safe operating conditions
  6. Follow all safety precautions and instructions

Repairs for abuse of equipment will be charged to the renter.

Does your rented construction equipment need repair or service? Call us at (216) 373-0854.

A cleaning fee will be added for machines returned excessively dirty.