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Helmet Safety – Pumpkins vs Wrenches (Video)

OHR Rents was proud to participate in a safety demonstration at the October GMS Safety Expo in Richfield.   An OHR Rents scissor lift manned by Cameron Ondrey was used to help demonstrate the importance of wearing a hard hat on construction sites.   Wrenches and hammers were dropped from 20 feet on watermelons and

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Buying and Renting Forklifts in Cleveland, Ohio

Rent and buy used forklifts from OHR Rents in Cleveland, Ohio.  Different Manufacturers of Forklifts  Located in Cleveland, Ohio, there’s over a thousand diverse types of forklifts that people can buy, rent, or sell. There are a variety of different brands of forklifts that you can pick from, including

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The History of Genie Lift

Genie was founded in 1966 by entrepreneur, Bud Bushnell. Bud bought the manufacturing rights to a lift that operated on compressed air, which was the “magic in the bottle” that raised and lowered the hoist. That’s how the Genie name was born. Many large industries use Genie’s equipment. These industries include construction, government and military,

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New Changes to ANSI Standards

New ANSI Standards for Construction Equipment May Affect the Way Equipment Functions on the Jobsite The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recently developed new safety standards for the design and operation of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). These standards are industry-wide and not specific to OHR’s equipment. Here's what you and your work

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