Scissor Lift rental prices

This renting guide will show you why scissor lift rental in Cleveland, Ohio could make sense for your company and help you understand lift rental pricing in northeast Ohio. This page was last updated July 22, 2021.

Scissor lifts, also known as aerial work platforms or mobile elevating work platforms, can cost from $3,900 to $36,900 used. If you need a scissor lift for your project but buying one isn’t an option, renting a scissor lift from rental company OHR Rents could be a perfect fit.

Benefits of renting a scissor lift

Both short-term and long-term scissor lift rentals might work for your next project.

  • Save money

If you only need to use a scissor lift for a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks to finish a job, buying doesn’t make sense. This 2016 JLG 1930ES, for example, is selling for $7,600 in July, 2021. Instead of shopping for a new loan to buy a scissor lift, focus on getting the job done and getting the next job lined up.

  • Save time

Or, if you need an extra machine to help complete a job faster, considering a scissor lift rental could be the right move.

  • Avoid stress

By renting a scissor lift from OHR Rents, you’ll avoid the hassles of maintaining another machine. Annual certifications for equipment are no joke. OHR Rents takes on the time and stress of making sure your machine is ready to work when you pick it up.

  • Try before you buy

Renting can also be the perfect way to try out a new piece of machinery before making the decision to buy.

What should you consider when renting a scissor lift?

Before signing a rental agreement for a scissor lift, here are five things to think over:

  • What does the job require? Warehouses, inventory management jobs or general maintenance contractors often use vertical mast lifts. Jobs where keeping the floor from getting scuffed – like indoors – often use electric scissor lifts. Rough terrain scissor lifts are often Diesel or Dual Fuel powered and designed for use outside.
  • Working height is another important consideration. If you’re not sure, OHR Rents can spec a job or help you determine how many scissor lifts you need for your job.
  • How long do you need it? OHR Rents typically rents by the day, week, or month. Extended rentals can save you money. Rental prices are specific to the aerial work platform you are considering and how long you say you’ll need it.
  • When do you need it? In an ideal world, you would be able to get the heavy equipment you need for your job with one call. With many lifts in stock, OHR Rents works hard to have the types of lift you need available for delivery.
  • Uptime. With multiple service trucks, OHR Rents offers 24/7 access to our mechanics if your equipment rental is not working or requires work.
  • Do you need a service plan or insurance? Are you planning on renting for weeks or months? Consider a service plan to ensure your equipment gets the job done.
  • How will you get your lift to your job site? OHR Rents can deliver your equipment to your job site. OHR Rents will pick your equipment up when you finish.
  • Additionally, there are many outside services that will drop off and pick up equipment at your job site. Renting an electric scissor lift and have a trailer? You can get more help from this video: How not to load a trailer.

Average scissor lift rental costs

For Cleveland, Ohio and across northeast Ohio, the following aerial work platform rental costs are a rough guide:

  • Personal lifts can start from $160 per day, $265 per week or $350 per month or more
  • Larger, electric scissors, like a 26 foot narrow model, can go from $165 rental rate per day, $320 per week or $575 per month or more
  • Rough-terrain scissors, like a 43-foot model, can cost from $250 per day, $600 per week and $950 per month or more.

OHR Rents prices our lift rentals in Cleveland, OH competitively. Lauren, Christian and the rest of the team would be happy to find you the right lift at the right price. Call them today between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for the best, market-rate prices.

How do I rent a scissor lift?

Call Lauren or Christian at OHR Rents at (216) 373-0854 to reserve a scissor lift today. You can also email us at and one of our five salespeople will be in touch shortly.

Shipping and Receiving details

Already rent from OHR Rents? Here’s how-to pick-up equipment from OHR Rents.